Interactive Web Portal

FormFox’s interactive web portal allows you to offer a “best in class” client user experience. Access can be filtered by organizational level. The private labeled site tracks and reports drug, alcohol, background check results, and DOT physical exams, including associated documents.

Benefits Include:

  • The interactive web portal allows employers and TPAs to order and schedule drug test, alcohol test, background check, and DOT physical exam events, which drives the accuracy of services conducted at clinics and with other providers.
  • Locate clinics and collection sites which offer the service needed for workplace health and safety programs.
  • Track the status and access results for drug test, alcohol test, background check and DOT exam events.
  • Interaction with random programs, including updating pool membership, viewing random selection lists and selection status, and access compliance analytics.
  • Generate reports, including the DOT MIS report.
  • Access to documents, including the CCF and ATF images, background check reports, and exam documents.