DOT Physical Exams

The FormFox DOT Physical Exams Workflow allows examiners to conduct exams in a fast, efficient, and organized fashion. The wizard-driven process guides examiners through the exam, section by section, ensuring that all information is complete, and validated for accuracy and conformity with certification requirements. Exam information is automatically uploaded the NRCME website, as well as electronically reported to TPAs and employers.

Benefits Include:

  • TPAs and employers are able to search for and place orders to clinics performing electronic CDMEs, ensuring accurate patient information and service information.
  • Notification is provided to the patient, who is then able to complete the health history and other patient information online, thus decreasing wait time at the clinic and workload on clinic support staff.
  • Accuracy is improved through the wizard driven process which requires that all fields are captured completely and accurately.
  • Exams are automatically reported to the National Registry upon completion. Examiners and clinic staff no longer have to spend precious time doing administrative tasks.
  • Exams performed in FormFox are accurate and easy to review. The Medical Examination Report and the Medical Examiner's Certificate are automatically distributed to TPAs and employers.