Clinics & Testing Facilities
  • Plain paper CCF and labels support urine, hair, oral fluid and POCT procedures
  • Compatible with iPad and Android tablets for mobility and conversations of space
  • Online Wizard enforces "best practices" for exams, specimen collection and POCT processes which reduces errors
  • Electronic reporting provides the employer, TPA, and MRO real-time information including electronic CCFs, exam reports and POCT/alcohol results  
  • Electronic Invoicing and payment settlement eliminates paper invoices and lengthy aging on receivables.
  • Market your services to a nationwide clientele of employers, labs, TPAs & MROs.

  • Access to the nationwide database of FormFox enabled clinics and testing facilities.
  • Pre-register lab tests, POCT/alcohol tests and exams, ensuring accuracy of information and services performed.
  • Receive electronic data updates for specimen collection details, POCT/alcohol results and exam results.
  • Receive electronic document images for all the tests and exam events.  
  • Common platform solution means your choice of providers and products.

  • Electronic CCF generated at the time of collection, formatted to any lab specification or instant testing device requirement.
  • Receive "pre-accessioned" data and electronic CCF image before the sample arrives at the lab.
  • Eliminates pre-printing, shipping and storing expensive multi-part forms.  
  • Current client and MRO information prints on the CCF, ending problems caused by outdated forms.
  • Greatly reduces collector error, meaning fewer fatal flaws and tests in question.

Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • FormFox supports electronic transfer of the digitally created CCF upon completion of the specimen collection.
  • Eliminates unreadable faxes and "chasing" missing CCFs.
  • CCF details are delivered electronically providing donor name, phone, and other key information no typically provided within the lab result data.
  • Web based wizard driven specimen collection process enforces "best practices" for collection procedures, meaning fewer collector affidavits and reduced fatal flaws.
  • Electronic reporting, status updates and results transmission allows tracking of events from the time of order until receipt of the final document.

Requirements To Get Started

You don't need much to utilize the power of FormFox! Below you will find the few things that you'll want to have ready for your FormFox implementation.

A good rule of thumb is to ask if your computer will support the items below.

Internet Connection
Any internet connection will work for FormFox, the faster the better!

Adobe Reader
Adobe is necessary in order to print out the new custody and control form. Visit to download for free.

Signature Pad (Must have to deliver DOT eCCFs)
The signature pad that is supported by FormFox is called the "ePad VP9801 USB with Integrisign".

Any printer will do for printing out custody and control forms.

Barcode Scanner (optional)
We suggest a barcode image scanner that allows an image of the CCF to be captured. (only works with IE).

The computer (or iPad) and printer need to be in the collection area where the samples are sealed. It can be a computer set up with an ePad or ePad ink and a barcode scanner or an iPad 3 or newer that has the barcode reader and signature capture as part of the device.

Need recommendations for new equipment? Visit “FormFox MarketPlace”

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