Clinics & Testing Facilities
  • Plain paper CCF and labels support urine, hair, oral fluid and POCT procedures
  • Compatible with iPad and tablets for mobility and conservation of space
  • Online Wizard enforces "best practices" for exams, specimen collection and POCT processes which reduces errors
  • Electronic reporting provides the employer, TPA, and MRO real-time information including electronic CCFs, exam reports and POCT/alcohol results  
  • Electronic Invoicing and payment settlement eliminates paper invoices and lengthy aging on receivables
  • Market your services to a nationwide clientele of employers, labs, TPAs & MROs

  • Access to the nationwide database of FormFox enabled clinics and testing facilities
  • Pre-register lab tests, POCT/alcohol tests and exams, ensuring accuracy of information and services performed
  • Receive electronic data updates for specimen collection details, POCT/alcohol results and exam results
  • Receive electronic document images for all the tests and exam events  
  • Common platform solution means your choice of providers and products

  • Electronic CCF generated at the time of collection, formatted to any lab specification or instant testing device requirement
  • Receive "pre-accessioned" data and electronic CCF image before the sample arrives at the lab
  • Eliminates pre-printing, shipping and storing expensive multi-part forms  
  • Current client and MRO information prints on the CCF, ending problems caused by outdated forms
  • Greatly reduces collector error, meaning fewer fatal flaws and tests in question

Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • FormFox supports electronic transfer of the digitally created CCF upon completion of the specimen collection
  • Eliminates unreadable faxes and "chasing" missing CCFs
  • CCF details are delivered electronically providing donor name, phone, and other key information not typically provided within the lab result data
  • Web based wizard driven specimen collection process enforces "best practices" for collection procedures, meaning fewer collector affidavits and reduced fatal flaws
  • Electronic reporting, status updates and results transmission allows tracking of events from the time of order until receipt of the final document

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