OMB Approves The US Department of Health and Human Services Submission for a Federal eCCF!

As an existing FormFox subscriber, you are already well on your way to being able to deliver a federal eCCF collection service. FormFox has developed the software process for the federal eCCF collection, and will make that available to our subscribers, once the final measures in the federal eCCF implementation process are in place.

A fundamental aspect of the federal eCCF is the ability to have both the donor and collector sign the form digitally. Each clinic or collection site must have a method to capture these signatures electronically, that is why FormFox is compatible with Apple iPads. These mobile devices provide digitized signature capture capability, as well as the ability to scan the sample ID bar code from the bottle seals to link it to the eCCF. Alternatively, clinics and collection sites can use a "signature pad" and bar code scanner tied to your existing FormFox computer.

Both the HHS Guidelines and the DOT Regulations allow transmission of the Federal CCF by various electronic means and both specify that service providers must ensure the security of the data transmission and limit access to any data transmission, storage, and retrieval system.

This is why your collection site MUST have a "Digitized" signature system in place! FormFox has the "Digitized" signature system built into our iPad App that is very easy to use! Again, you can use FormFox with an e-pad signature if using an i-Pad is not an option.

To view recommended equipment, click here.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why FormFox is the best solution for delivering a federal eCCF collection service.

    For Your Business:
  • FormFox is the ONLY industry-wide solution, where one solution handles all your drug testing collections.
  • Better Collection Process Quality: FormFox’s software-driven collection wizard ensures proper process steps and adherence to the best practices.
  • Speedy, Secure Distribution of Information: FormFox shortens the entire drug testing cycle.
  • Improved Information Accuracy: Prepopulated authorization forms ensure performance to the correct services and delivery of accurate data.
  • Digital CCF Archiving: Enjoy instant, efficient web-based access to custody and control forms whenever and wherever it's needed.

    For Your Bottom-Line:
  • Market your services to thousands of FormFox participants!
  • Electronic invoicing and payment settlement eliminates paper invoices and aged receivables.
  • Operational efficiency allows for business growth with less overhead.
FormFox offers many reasons why you should invest in digitizing your business!

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